EuroAsia GmbH offers a wide range of natural fish snacks 

The main fields of activity of the company are the development, production, and marketing of high quality natural fish snacks.

EuroAsia GmbH, which has achieved a firm position on the German market within several years, is now offering its natural fish snacks in other European countries, for the sake of expanding its business and marketing activities, and the range of products.

We have already opened subsidiaries in Estonia and Bulgaria as well as representative offices in China and Thailand. In the nearest future, we are planning to open subsidiaries in Great Britain and Poland. The natural fish snacks and products of EuroAsia GmbH are exported to Great Britain, Ireland, Holland, Greece, and other European countries. Owing to the carefully designed infrastructure, EuroAsia delivers its products diligently and accurately both to the cities and towns all around Germany and all over Europe.

Due to the ongoing development activities and the enhancement of the quality of the food products by means of innovative technologies, in accordance with the European standards, and also thanks to the implementation of state-of-the-art technologies, EuroAsia GmbH belongs to the range of the leading manufacturers of fish delicacies and products.

The Premium Qualität (top quality) mark on the packages with fish snacks guarantees to the end consumers that they have purchased the best and the freshest fish delicacies in the world.